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UK Publishes UKCA guidance - finally!

Early in September, with only weeks to go until the UK leaves the EU, the UK government has finally published details of its transition times for key product safety and Environmental regulations.

In its guides “Placing manufactured goods on the market in Great Britain from 1 January 2021” and “Using the UKCA mark from 1 January 2021”, the UK government explains:

  1. The UKCA mark can be used from 1st January 2021

  2. The UKCA mark must be used from 1st January 2022, at least on the packaging and instructions

  3. The UKCA mark must be used on product from 1st January 2023

This is not just about the marking but application of the UK regulations. Manufacturers need to focus on three key things:

  • Making sure you have a UK name and address alongside any EU name and address

  • Making sure you have a UK Declaration of conformity in addition to an EU DoC

  • Making sure you use the UKCA mark alongside the CE mark

And for good measure, a fourth point - timing - make sure all of the above come in at the same time and that the job is completed across your business before the end of 2021. The phase in is welcome but still extremely short!

Who can help me with this mess I hear you cry! It is a lot simpler than you think and most companies will be able to help themselves. For those that need help, Ice Compliance can of course make your life easier. Contact me for a free chat about what you need to do for Brexit.

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