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UK address required by 1st January

The Brexit maze keeps twisting!

In meetings with Business groups, the UK Office for Product Safety and Standards, have confirmed that a UK address is required from the first of January for products sold in the UK.

As is the case today, companies need to name an EU manufacturer, manufacturers authorised representative or EU importer on their products, its packaging or instructions. Once the UK leaves the EU, businesses with address in mainland Europe will find they need to change their products to include a UK address.

The UK have given some time to allow for switching from the EU’s CE mark to the new UKCA mark but, when questioned, sources confirmed that a UK address would be required from day one.

There are still some allowances however; products already placed on the market (that is goods already manufactured and offered for sale) can continue to ship without modification. Importers of any new goods arriving after 1st January 2021 can use the option to label packaging or use instruction sheets rather than making modifications to products – this allowance goes on for one year.

This might represent a difficult change for many. I would recommend, as a minimum, making sure you know who your UK importer is. I’d also recommend putting this information on your websites. I doubt UK enforcement officers would want to prosecute cases of incorrect marking where the manufacturer/importer/authorised representative does exist and is traceable.

Ice Compliance will also be offering a UK Authorised Representative service to those that need it. Details will go up soon but please contact me if you are interested.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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